Someone wrote to me: “Please would you tell me more about yourself- where you minister and have ministered. Where you trained, when you were ordained and where, etc. It is difficult to respond to a mailing like this without knowing who wrote it, as you will understand.”

It occurred to me that others may be asking the same question so here is a quick summary of my background:

1962-5  London BD

1965-7   Oak Hill College

1967-70  Curate Christ Church, Newark

1970-5  Curate in charge of St Barnabas, St Mark’s Parish, Cheltenham

1975-99 Rector of Hawkwell, Essex [The work developed national and international aspects. See my book]

1985-99 Member of General Synod [standing for biblical theology and morality]

1999-2006  General Director of the Church’s Ministry among Jewish People, Rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem

2006-9  Rector of the Woottons, Norfolk

2009-14 Permission to Officiate de facto Hon Curate Holy Trinity Marham, Norfolk with hierarchy’s approval

2015-2017  Vicar St Michael, Brough & St Stephen, Stainmore, Cumbria

2018  Minister at St Stephen, Stainmore with Bishop’s approval.

For further information see my websites and

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    Hi Tony,
    I am also a Tony (Anthony), have been in Lapland Sweden 12 years and recently January 2018 began links with thefillingstation charity. We are a small villlage of 4000 in vast area of S.Lapland and Sweden is 3 x larger than Uk. Having studied Social Science, English teaching, Counselling, lastly studied in Nursing but did not practice – feel a need to return UK having been in a land whose in history of settlers goes back 4000 years (Sami). I am from N.England family, father teacher but as young man, first young soldier in Palestine 1935-7, then WW2 however after I was born my father had to leave Army where he then was on a single posting in Nigeria, then at the height of his career in the RAEC, WO1 as my mother was severly attacked and later institutionalised. I grew up more a less in adverse childhood, cannot discuss here. I am not sure where the Church is in Sweden, and it is a very liberal Country with strange polices and social conditions with regard to gender, i.e. perhaps soon can no longer use word He/She and replaced by word ‘Hen’. I cannot see revival here and feel after being a Christian felt it would be good to work back in a Uk Community type church. My son is in Kingdomfaith, Worthing after he studied 2 years and 1 year with Kingdomfaith and now leads worship in Worthing which is one of several KFaith Churches.

    My wife is aworship singer, plays guitar and one teenager at home 18 in August (Luke 18 in August) now in 2nd Year of Highschool but please pray for him – not following Christ yet.
    We meet twice a month in a house we have renovated over 10 years – Swedish Culture House, and most of our Christian group are non Swedish as we are. Fillingstation is not a Church but a resource for person who want to join a Church of have fellowship with other Christians.

    • Tony Higton

      It’s good to hear your story, Tony. I am familiar with Filling Stations in the UK. If you wish to be on the Network for Revival mailing list, you’d be very welcome. You can use this website or God bless you both

  • Jose Angel Anaya

    What an impressive curriculum vitae. And I say so because of all your ministerial background and service. May the Lord continue firing up your heart for the love of Christ and His Church. I’m with you. God bless you.
    Rev. Jose Angel Anaya Estrada.


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