A Guide to Revival

This ‘Guide to Revival’ provides an account of the background to revival, the motives for seeking revival, practical steps for seeking revival, a response to some questions about expecting revival, and a list of further resources. The outline below lists this content in more detail, and links to the relevant pages.


A. The End Times Background to Revival

B. Motives for Seeking Revival

a.   First motive: for God’s sake

  1. Being God-centred
  2. Meditate on the greatness of God
  3. Meditate on the holiness of God
  4. Meditate on the love of God
  5. Meditate on the suffering of God
  6. Meditate on the honour of God
  7. Meditate on the cross

b.   Second motive: for the sake of the lost

  1. Share God’s grief for the lost
  2. Remember the state of the nation
  3. Recognise evangelism is not enough

c.   Third motive: for the sake of the church

  1. Many failures of much of the church

C. How to Seek Revival

a.   Hunger and thirst for God
b.   Seek holiness
c.   Persist in prayer
d.   Grow in faith
e.   Persist in spiritual warfare
f.   Rejoice in suffering

D. Appendix: Will there be an End Time Revival?

E. Appendix: Materials to Help Prepare for Revival

a.   How to pray for Revival (for those new to such prayer)
b.   Hymns and songs suitable for Preparation for Revival
c.   Scriptures to help Preparation for Revival
d.   Books and DVDs including about previous Revivals