24-7 Prayer is an excellent initiative with important aims but it does not prioritise prayer for Revival in the historic sense, namely (as I have written elsewhere) an overpowering sense of God’s presence, in the community as well as the church, leading to uplifting, inspired worship; an awesome sense of God’s holiness leading to a deep conviction of sin, even amongst those outside the church; a supernatural drawing of people together and an outpouring of love for one another, all of which leads to a huge number coming to faith. People’s lives, churches and whole communities are transformed.

I noted that 24-7 Prayer has over 17 important major aims: climate change, child marriage, trauma, slavery, welcoming strangers, child trafficking, gender equality/injustice, cybersex, orphans, widows, violence, refugees, war, youth unemployment, gangs, poverty, rape, etc.

It is vital that we should pray about such things, but I am convinced that we need to major on prayer for Revival and I believe God has called me to seek to facilitate that. The danger is that in majoring on praying for other things, especially multiple topics, the absolutely crucial need for Revival will be dealt with inadequately.


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