This website stresses:

  • the strong motives for seeking Revival: to honour God’s name and the cross of Jesus, to reach the lost who are “on the broad road leading to destruction” and to renew the church.
  • The essential spiritual steps towards revival: hungering and thirsting for God, seeking holiness, persisting in prayer, growing in faith, persisting in spiritual warfare and rejoicing in suffering.


Please feel free to share insights and important prayer topics relevant to Revival on the blog.

Prophetic comment on current affairs and trends

In the context of praying for Revival I shall be writing comments on relevant news items and trends which underline the need for Revival. I have already written numerous such comments on my other website http://christianteaching.org.uk/blog/  covering anti-Semitism, breakdown of morality, church decline, danger of pandemics, dangers of artificial intelligence, decline of Christian belief, global warming, homosexual issues, middle East tensions, non-religious spirituality, oppression & persecution of Christians, possible misuse of the counter-extremism law, secular eschatology, secularisation, societal decline, threat to the family, trends towards political oppression, war and terrorism, world inequality, etc.


Please let me know if you’re seriously praying for Revival on your own or with others.

Contact address: higton01@btinternet.com