Is Britain a godless society?

Someone wrote to me “Sorry, I do not see it as a Godless society. I think God is in the midst of it and bringing revival one glorious soul at a time.” I responded as follows:

When I refer to society as godless I don’t mean God isn’t out there! Of course he is. But it is very clear that, by and large, in British society, he is being ignored and dishonoured. This is godless behaviour. Some unbelievers may be nice, kind, generous and self-sacrificing. But they are ignoring God. That is godlessness.

Thank God that he is bringing individuals to faith. But, as history shows, and this website states, Revival is a supernatural event in the church and society. It is a work of the Holy Spirit which brings: an overpowering sense of God’s presence leading to uplifting, inspired worship; an awesome sense of God’s holiness leading to a deep conviction of sin, even amongst those outside the church; a supernatural drawing of people together and an outpouring of love for one another, all of which leads to a huge number coming to faith. People’s lives and whole communities are transformed.


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