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 E. Appendix: Materials to Help Prepare for Revival

a. How to pray for revival (for those new to such prayer)

You might wonder how you could sustain extended prayer for Revival. I felt like that to begin with, but as I pressed on the Lord led me in a quite remarkable way, spoke to me through Scripture and my own reflection, and it is proving to be one of the most encouraging spiritual experiences of my life. The following suggestions are based upon what my wife and I learnt.

  1. First read some of the recommended books on revival, especially The Lewis Awakening 1949-52 – Duncan Campbell (Faith Mission); Sounds from Heaven – Colin & Mary Peckham (Christian Focus Publications 2004); Revival – Mark Stibbe (Monarch Books 1998).
  2. Play at least two of the DVDs especiallyGreat Christian Revivals- the Welsh, Hebridean & Evangelical Revival -Evan Roberts, Duncan Campbell ( Welsh Revivals 1859 & 1904 (
  3. Seek the Lord’s guidance as to whether he is calling you to pray for revival on your own or to lead/join a prayer group for Revival.
  4. If you pray on your own we suggest you first start praying for at least half an hour a week, preferably at a set time. Bear in mind what someone said: “I never get time to pray; I’ve always got to make it.”
  5. After a few months of faithful prayer, see if God is giving you the desire to pray with a group of like-minded Christians or at least one other person.
  6. If you pray with others we suggest you meet together for a minimum of one hour per month and possibly increase the length or frequency as time goes on.
  7. We suggest you use Scriptures to help in preparing for Revival and Hymns and Songs suitable for Preparation for Revival. Affirm suitable Scriptures in prayer and worship the Lord in prayer and songs.
  8. As you pray on your own or with others, remember the Lord will lead you to seek himself. He may lead you to major on repentance, or seeking his glory, or meditating on the cross, etc. On some occasions the Lord will lead you to focus more on prayer for revival in the church. On other occasions he will lead you to pray for an outpouring of his Spirit in your local area or the nation. KEEP FOCUSED ON REVIVAL – DON’T ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BE SIDETRACKED ONTO LOTS OF OTHER PRAYER TOPICS.
  9. On some occasions you will sense the Lord’s leading and the closeness of his presence. On other occasions the prayer times may seem dry, BUT DON’T GIVE UP – PERSEVERE.
  10. Remember to make time to be quiet before the Lord and write down any significant thoughts he may give you on the main ways in which he is guiding you to pray. This will make them more memorable.

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