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 E. Appendix: Materials to Help Prepare for Revival

d. Books and DVDs including about previous revivals

1. Books I have found inspiring and informative

The Price and Power of Revival – Duncan Campbell (Parry & Jackman)

The Rev Duncan Campbell was a key figure and leader in the Lewis Revival 1949-52. This is a brief but inspiring book on how to prepare for Revival illustrated from the Lewis Revival.

The Lewis Awakening 1949-52 – Duncan Campbell (Faith Mission)

A booklet giving Duncan Campbell’s own account of the Hebrides Revival.

Sounds from Heaven – Colin & Mary Peckham (Christian Focus Publications 2004)

An excellent detailed account of the Lewis Revival by Colin Peckham who was Principal of the Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh from 1936-2009. Duncan Campbell was involved in the Faith Mission. This book gives a great deal of historical information and includes contributions from Duncan Campbell and numerous first hand witnesses of the Revival, including from Mary Peckham who was converted in the Revival.

Channel of Revival – Andrew Woolsey(Faith Mission 1974)

A inspiring biography of Duncan Campbell which is very helpful in giving guidance over preparation for Revival.

Great Revivals – Whittaker (Victor/Kingsway Communications 2005)

A very helpful account of Revivals around the world, including in Britain, since the 18thcentury.

Revival – Mark Stibbe (Monarch Books 1998)

A very helpful book on Revival with a great deal of biblical teaching included.

With Christ in the School of Prayer – Andrew Murray

A very inspiring and challenging book on intercession, essential to prayer for Revival.

I will pour out my Spirit – R E Davies (Monarch Publications)

A helpful book which gives a detailed summary of historical Revivals in Scripture and up to the 20thcentury, including their theology. It also includes chapters on the nature of revival and the excesses which have accompanied some of them.

2. Other helpful books

Spurgeon on Revival – ed Robert Backhouse(Kingsway 1996)

A classic on Revival.

John Wesley–A Biography – Stephen Tomkins (Lion Publishing2003)

An important and readable book.

The Second Evangelical Awakening in Britain – Edwin Orr (Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1949)

A helpful and detailed account of the 1859 Revival which had a profound effect on the UK.

Rent Heavens by Rev R B Jones (Revival Library Reprints)

A short book on the Welsh Revival of 1904 by the Principal of the South Wales Bible Training Institute, first published in 1931.

The Welsh Revival & The Story of the Welsh Revival by Eyewitnesses – Stead, Campbell Morgan etc (Trumpet Press 2015)

A book partly of historical facts and partly teaching about Revival.

Feast of fire – John Kilpatrick (Marshall Pickering 1995)

An account of the Pensacola Revival.

Lectures on Revival – Finney

This is a classic book on Revival but not entirely helpful, in my opinion.

3. DVDs on revival

Great Christian Revivals- the Welsh, Hebridean & Evangelical Revival -Evan Roberts, Duncan Campbell


An excellent and very inspiring DVD.

The Welsh Revivals 1859 & 1904


Another excellent and helpful DVD.

4. Sermons and other teaching by Duncan Campbell—sermons.php^Duncan^Campbell&SpeakerOnly=true&AudioOnly=false&sortby=added   AUDIO


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